Albuquerque Metro Loop


Project Statistics

Year Completed: 2011

Project Name: Albuquerque Metro Loop

Owner: Level 3 Communications

Contract: Hard Bid

Industry: Broadband

Department: Design and Construction

Project Description

Level 3 Communications awarded BPG the contract to design, permit and construct 3.5 miles of new network infrastructure in Albuquerque, New Mexico to complete the city Metro Loop. The project was surveyed, engineered, permitted and constructed by BPG Designs. The project was constructed by utilizing directional boring and backhoe methods. The directional boring was utilized for conduit placement and the backhoe activities included the bore pits, conduit tie in's and manhole and vault placements. The uniqueness to this project was that BPG was required to work in congested area's with multiple utilities. BPG was also responsible for the all the final restoration and permit close out documentation.

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