The Seventh Floor: St. Joseph's

The project goal was to deliver McGough Construction with a robust mapping deliverable to be used for infrastructure planning on the seventh floor of St. Joseph's Hospital. Using a Leica P40 static LiDAR scanner we scanned the floor. We then post processed the data in a variety of different software such as Cyclone, AutoCAD Map 3D, and Revit. After post processing we delivered all the data in these different forms to McGough.


With our Leica P40 scanner and many, many scannings, we located all conduit, structural beams, plumbing connection, electrical panels, and any recess concrete in the floor. By doing this McGough will know if there needs to be any elevation changes in the differences of floor when they go in to remodel the floor.



In the software we provide our customers, in this case, McGough, everything in the scans of the rooms are to scale and can be measured to pinpoint accuracy in the software itself making this a very effective and efficient tool in the pre-construction and infrastructure planning process.