BPG Mapping: An Overview

At BPG Designs, our Mapping Department is unique and state of the art, complete with:

  • Two mobile LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) mapping systems that have collected over 16,000 miles and counting for Cox Communications, the state of New York, the City of San Francisco, and many more

LiDAR Trucks

  • An eBee UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for land development, transportation projects, and mining operations; static scanning technology for building information management for companies like Century Link, Aligned Data Centers, Experian, and more

eBee UAV Drone

  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems) capabilities for application development, like our ArcGIS app made for Cox Communications, data extraction, and database development.

ArcGIS Web Application

BPG is a one-stop-shop for mapping solutions.

Being so well equipped with complete mapping capabilities makes us one of the only company in the southwestern United States with our mapping profile. With our variety of tools, we can save time and money by helping the customer decide what specific, or combination of tools will get results to them quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines or get ahead of them, if possible.