Nikolas Smilovsky and iBIM in the Telecommunication Industries

“In today’s global world, where interconnectivity and the internet are paramount in most modern business workflows, information management has never been so profound and important.” – Nikolas Smilovsky

If you’re attending this year’s BICSI convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 24-28, you won’t want to miss Nikolas Smilovsky’s seminar on iBIM (Intelligent Building Information Modeling) in the telecommunications industry. By attending this seminar, you will not only gain more than enough information on intelligent building modelling, you will also receive three CEC (Continuing Education Credits) credits.

For those who do not know Nikolas Smilovsky, he is the director of BPG’s team of geospatial professionals. He holds a Geographical Information Systems Professional (GISP) certificate and is currently pursuing his doctorate in the cognitive mapping sciences. Nikolas sits on the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors Central Board as acting secretary.

And for those who do not know of BIM, it is a revolutionary technology of using 3D laser scanning and BIM (Building Information Modeling) to completely facilitate a building’s information management and processes in pre-construction, construction, and post construction. During the seminar, specific examples will be provided showing the benefit of these new technologies in a wide array of situations including data center construction, as-built and space planning, day-to-day facility management, asset auditing, and informed decision making. Nikolas will bring us into in the future, culminating with the wide range of possibilities and uses of iBIM in the telecommunication’s industry.

“As the telecommunication industry expands at exponential rates and users rely on their networks to function optimally 100% of the time, a new method of management was needed. 3D laser scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the answer.” – Nikolas Smilovsky

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