BPG Mapping Internship

BPG’s mapping department is teaming up with local companies Bad Elf and Amec Foster Wheeler to offer an internship to students enrolled in Mesa Community College’s geospatial program. Bad Elf a renowned GPS receiver manufacturer and Amec Foster Wheeler a global consultancy, engineering, and project management company both add valuable experience to the internship program. The students enrolled in the internship come from a variety of backgrounds including economics, mining operations, geology, and warehouse management.


Each meeting will be conducted at the actual offices of each of the companies to provide a unique experience. Students will work with leaders from each of the companies to collect and analyze data for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) purposes. ADA works to ensure walkways and entryways are safe and accessible for those with disabilities.

The students will be comparing data from BPG’s mobile LiDAR trucks with data collecting from a more traditional boots on the ground method. Comparing two sets of data found differently will hopefully drive in the importance of making sure the data are accurate and good.

This internship will offer course credit for the students, but also real world experience out in the field as well as connections that can be beneficial to their professional lives in the future. BPG values education greatly and as a company we will always strive to improve our community by offering these opportunities to students.


(Nik Smilovsky, Head of BPG's Mapping Department)